Do you remember the last time you played?

We play as kids but we tend to forget how to play as we grow older.

Playing is one of the most engaging activity & has the biggest potential for learning activity that human beings can do.

Yet play is considered valuable for kids BUT faces lot of prejudices when we apply it to adults. ❌

➡ In this class, you will learn to guide of your play practices to what will serve you as an adult.

We want to educate you about the basics of plays at work, and let you leverage its potential in your career and professional objectives.


Maybe if you don't play as you would like to, you still do! In this class, you will get a fresh outlook of play and learn to use your practice of play for your professional journey.

Nowadays, it is essential to keep learning: the world is evolving really fast and we need to keep a sharp eye on everything. Researches prove that play is one of the most efficient way to learn. Can you believe it? 🤩

As a student, you will get tools and framework to learn how to learn, and to take pleasure in your activities. As an employe or entrepreneur, you will have an advantage as you will become more agile and adopt change more easily. As a coach or trainer, you will get inputs and inspiration how to make your share your work in a unique way.

This course will help you to feel more creative, more productive, more stress resilient and more playful!


We designed this course to be unique and playful at each step.

We prepared a lot of content (videos, texts, researches, exercises, interview, printables... And Laure with a unicorn hat) so you can have a great learning experience. 🚀

With this course you will understand what is play and how broader it is than our conceptions.

You will have tools to respond and break the prejudices of play.

You will have room for practice and design your own activites.

We will also demonstrate the benefits of play and how you can integrate play into your career. 💪

Let's go and let's start by this essential beginning ➡ What is play?

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