Play with your

Business Model!

Do you want to challenge your current business model and get inspiration?
We got your back 😉

If you run a business, you know what is a Business Model. It’s your compass, helping you navigate through your day to day activity. And as such, you need to refer to it regularly and keep it up to date to your business as well as to your industry and to the world.

With that in mind, we wanted to help you challenge and update your business model. So we teamed up with Younès Rharbaoui from The Family, as we’ve been quite impressed by his way of talking about it. We put our expertise in unleashing creativity through playful and innovative methods, and ...tadaa✨

Let’s be creative and take actions!

How would this workshop help me?

With this workshop, you'll be challenged in a safe environment. It has been designed for creativity and action, with specific questions and illustrations on each part of your Business Model canvas. 

  • You will have the opportunity to brainstorm on your business model
  • You will get inspired by our examples and activities.
  • You will play with 4 different perspectives on your Business Model and get to know them better: Agency, Subscription, Advertisement and Influencer.

When is the right time to play this workshop?

Whenever you want to! For instance:

  • when it's the end of the quarter/semester/year and you want to reflect on that period
  • when you're updating your business plan and your strategy
  • when you're thinking about changes and need a framework to guide you

Let’s start planning your next year, your next product, your next ambition 🚀

Need a play partner

At Plush & Nuggets, we're big fans of learning through play. We know how hard it is to challenge your own business model. We also know from ground experience how much play can unleash creativity and change point of views in so many ways. 

When we met Younès from The Family and got to know his work on this topic, making this workshop with him quickly became obvious! Get the class, live your experience and receive feedback on your work and answers to your questions! 

Here's what we've prepared for you:

🧭 A step-by-step guide: Introspection doesn't have to mean solitude. So we recorded ourselves on video to do this coaching exercise with you. We will give you tips, ideas and energy! 

🪁 A flexible methodology: Whether you want to do the Business Model exercise in one or several times, with or without our video, we know how to adapt. That's why we built a product that respects your pace, preferences and availability.

🎯 Concrete recommendations: Asking questions is good, taking action is better. At the end of the exercise, we read your results and you will receive a personalised summary. Decision-making, project creation, skills development: you can count on our years of experience to guide you.

What's in the workshop?

✅ A (quick) introduction to the tool you'll use and the Plush & Nuggets approach

✅ Videos in which we do the exercise with you

✅ 4 different outlook on Business Models

✅ A personalised summary and recommendations to help you

Unlimited access for life

Price: €249

You're in good hands!

Younès Rharbaoui is CFO and Director at the investment firm and global startup accelerator The Family.

His prime topics of interest are finance, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, that he writes about in his newsletter Chasing Paper.

He is a published bestselling author in the business category in France (Le Livre de la Jungle : les secrets des meilleures startups pour prendre en main ta carrière). A strategy and finance teacher at SciencesPo Paris, he is also a business angel with 25+ startup investments since 2016.

Younes lived in the UK, France and Brazil and is a Business graduate with MScs. from HEC Paris, the CEMS Alliance, the FGV-EAE Sao Paulo and a Math graduate with BSc. from Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.


I’m Laure Dousset, a researcher and entrepreneur who is convinced that in life, nothing beats learning through play.

It all started with a passion for Rubik's Cube, which I took to the competition level. My studies later led me to become Director of the Playground, a unique space in France for the creation of serious games, and then at MIT, where I was a researcher-teacher for four years.

In 2017, I founded Plush & Nuggets, a studio whose mission is to put play at the heart of corporate strategies. My co-creation approach is based on years of research and experience in Facilitation, Design-Thinking and Lego Serious Play®. 

I co-created and facilitated over 300 workshops with some 30 companies in a dozen different countries. My clients include traditional companies like Crédit Agricole, innovation giants like Spotify and high potential start-ups like Maria Schools.

If you have any questions and/or would like to share your current challenges with me, please feel free to contact me → [email protected]